Restaurtives Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Treatment for root canal work will normally take place over a number of appointments and will be carried out under local anaesthetic. The only exception is if the nerve in the tooth has died in which case no pain relief will be needed.

The dentist will remove the top of the affected tooth, called the crown, and carefully take out the pulp that fills the tooth cavity. This will remove most of the infection and give access to the root canal, or canals.

They can then use tiny files to enlarge to root canals so they can be filled to prevent further infection. This is very complex work so it may take several visits to complete it. Between them, a temporary filling will be inserted along with medicine to keep the inside of thetoothclean.

Once the work has been completed the dentist may recommend that a new crown is fitted to strengthen the tooth which will have been weakened by the process.